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Business Strategy Definition:  "A strategy is the pattern or plan that integrates an organization's major goals, policies, and action sequences into a cohesive whole. A well-formulated strategy helps to marshal and allocate an organization's resources into a unique and viable posture based on its relative internal competencies and shortcomings, anticipated changes in the environment, and contingent moves by intelligent opponents." - James Brian Quinn, The Strategy Process: Concepts and Contexts

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” - Michael Leboeuf

Well my market strategy was to put together a magazine that I myself would enjoy as a reader. I edited the magazine for myself. it was a handbook for the urban male.- Hugh Hefner

Today the strategies of many companies in the real estate industry are premised on low interest rates, an assumption that has resulted in the rapid expansion of the real estate securitization business. This trend could be regarded as a risk factor, as it exposes the real estate sector to at least three potential problems: first, interest rate hikes; second, revisions to securitization business accounting standards; and third, overheating in the real estate market.
- Akira Mori

We don't have much in the way of a business strategy. Like no business plan. Which I say to torment all my friends who are VCs or MBAs. That's always entertaining. The deal is, it's a mixture of luck and persistence. - Craig Newmark

The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand. - Sun Tzu

“If you look from 1992 to 1997, we've really reduced the number of car models from more than 100 to about 81. Our strategy is to have the right number of products. Segment the brands better. There's a lot of work being done on the distribution side of the business. And the data's showing that our new products are doing a very decent job in the market.” - Rick Wagoner

“Jake Jacobs has been thoroughly involved in executing Spyder's business strategy, and has been integral to the company's success. He's a leading expert on fabric technology, and has incredible industry knowledge and experience. His soul is the brand. It just so happens that he's also my son.” - David Jacobs

“With the rise of China, all we should see is opportunity. Canadian businesses, large and small should be doing as you have done, developing and implementing strategies for China. Only by acting now, and with vigor and determination, can we help to ensure that future generations of Canadians will benefit from the opportunities presented by a rapidly changing world, by a rapidly growing China,” - Paul Martin

“The business strategy is if we can get a critical mass of very local content and a local audience, then we can target ads better than we ever could down to a town level.” - Jeff Jarvis

“We are viewing this expansion as a long-term strategy for business expansion in Eastern Europe, ... We are going to pursue sites in Russia and perhaps other locations as well.” - Ian Wright

“The business environment remains challenging, ... But if you have a good strategy ... there is gold in all of this.” - John Barth

“Innovation will be part of this new supplier partnership -- as it will be part of every aspect of our business strategy going forward, ... Not only does innovation apply to safety, technology and design, it also will differentiate how Ford and our suppliers will define our relationship going forward.” - Bill Ford

“AOL was a company waiting to die, Suddenly, they had a strategy that wasn't just about putting them out of business. They washed the car and it got a lot more attractive.” - Rob Enderle

Some of our businesses use more energy than others, but our strategy everywhere is the same.. first, reduce our use of energy as much as possible. Then, switch to renewable sources of power where it makes economic sense. And, over time, as a last resort, offset the emissions we can't avoid. - Rupert Murdoch

“If (the portal strategy) works, this business looks like our publishing business, it looks like our TV business, it looks like our local cable advertising business, ... If this doesn't work, then you start to think about AOL much differently. You start to think about AOL in somewhat the same way I think about the cable would have its own currency to go out and do acquisitions or other deals.

“With all that cash, if they bought software that enhances their services business, that could be an interesting strategy,”  - Michael Mahoney

“Sound business strategy dictated we choose a historic, low rate increase to keep hard copy mail as the cost effective medium of choice in the 21st century.” - Mike Riley

“Whoever wins will be able to roll out a used game strategy throughout their entire business immediately,” - Robert Evans

“Our third quarter results demonstrated the ongoing strength of our business model. We also delivered on the growth strategies that are enabling us to expand our industry leadership position, including advancements focused on accelerating the adoption of Internet media and the viable business models to support it.” - Rob Glaser

A sly rabbit will have three openings to its den. - Chinese Proverbs

We don’t have a traditional strategy process, planning process like you’d find in traditional technical companies. It allows Google to innovate very, very quickly, which I think is a real strength of the company. -Eric Schmidt

Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never peril. -Sun Tzu

“In 2000, the industry felt the impact of the long-distance decline we anticipated when we put our new strategy in place three years ago, ... Our results reflect the acceleration of that decline, but also clearly demonstrate that we are successfully scaling our growth businesses.” - Michael Armstrong

“A company's fortunes generally don't change over a month's time or so, ... We want them to be able to execute their business strategy, and we give them at least three to five years.” - Peter Doyle

“Our fourth-quarter results capped off an outstanding year. We have excellent momentum going into 2002 and feel confident with our long-term strategy, ongoing execution and the inherent strength of our business mode.” - Meg Whitman

“As we reorganized the business and reduced costs throughout the year, Yahoo! managed through the difficult environment, ... We continue to focus on long-term growth as we execute our strategy of building a diversified global business.” - Terry Semel

“Kevin left the company at my request because I lost confidence in his personal credibility, ... His departure is not related to business performance and does not constitute a change in credit strategy.” - Alan Lacy

“further refine its core business strategy.”

“Contraction is a plan to buy back franchises and essentially put them out of business. We have no interest in contraction as a strategic matter or a bargaining strategy, ... We believe 30 franchises can be healthy given the economic right system. The bottom line is if we don't get the right system, we are at risk of losing franchises.” - Bill Daly

“I'm aware of competition and have seen questions about strategy, structure and consistency. But I also see the potential with these businesses,” - Mark Hurd

“We always feel we win in our business when we stay focused on our strategies and our customers. It has always been a competitive business and it will continue to be a competitive business.” - Alan Marks

“It's become a kind of system to bail out companies. People have been able to use it tactically, as a business strategy, and I don't think that's what Congress meant.” - Thomas Conway

“Small Business Search Strategies” - Nick Jones

“It's all a legal strategy. This is all legal back and filling...It's a 'full-price' as we say in the banking business.” - Porter Bibb

“I think that the company still has a good handle on what its longer-term strategy has to be -- a diversified business model with greater emphasis on training and tech services,” - Sanford Bernstein

“We're not really exiting the phone business, but refining our strategy, ... Craig Young has assembled a group of people that we were very much attracted to, and so it just seemed the right thing to do.” - Ted Rogers

“They all are finance stocks which seem to me to be trading at reasonably cheap levels, ... They have brand names and, in each case, they have an Internet strategy which is working and providing them with additional customer penetration and allowing their businesses to succeed.” - Thomas Madden

“People are using the pension system and bankruptcy code as a business strategy,” - David Walker



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